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fiocco newsletter - jiang shiyong, deputy secretary of yinzhou

release time:2022-01-18 source:fiocco click:1315
on the afternoon of january 17, jiang shiyong, deputy secretary of yinzhou district party committee and secretary of political and legal committee, and his party visited fiocco group. accompanied by shi yun, chairman of the group, they visited the construction of the group and various business sectors in yesgo valley park.
deputy secretary jiang shiyong and his delegation successively visited 5g digital intelligent manufacturing center, public platform for comprehensive foreign trade services, yesgo wanghong punch in block and y11 buyer collection store. at the symposium, shi yun, chairman of the group, reported on the development process and operation status of the group. shi mei, director and vice president of the group, showed in detail the construction of fiocco yesgo valley. deputy secretary jiang shiyong highly affirmed the garment industry and textile and garment professional service platform that fiocco group has devoted itself to building over the past 30 years. he said that fiocco will continue to focus on the textile and garment industry in the future, constantly explore new mechanisms, create a more cutting-edge and distinctive industrial chain ecology, and attract more small and medium-sized textile and garment enterprises. he also said that if the difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises in the development need to be coordinated and solved by various government departments, they will give full support.