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double festival celebration, double joy

release time:2020-09-22 source:fiocco click:403
it's the mid autumn festival again. the mid autumn festival, a traditional festival representing chinese culture, has been entrusted with the meaning of reunion and beauty since ancient times. it happens that this year's mid autumn festival collides with the national day, which adds a bit of festivity to this day.
the mid autumn festival and national day are coming. in order to thank all the employees of the company for their hard work and send holiday blessings to you, shi mei, vice president of fiocco group, led the administration department to distribute a carefully prepared holiday gift to all departments and workshops on the afternoon of september 22 to convey the company's deep greetings to all the employees on the occasion of the national day mid autumn festival and wish you a happy holiday, i hope you can have a happy, happy and peaceful national day mid autumn festival

distribute presents
a mouthful of moon cake, a piece of laughter
a warmth, a friendship
the full moon celebrates the family and country
enjoy a month together and wish the country a prosperous future
on the occasion of the double festival
fiocco group wishes you
happy mid autumn day!
happy family reunion!