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ningbo campus of zhejiang university

release time:2020-07-31 source:fiocco click:418


on the morning of july 31, hu zhengyu, secretary of ningbo campus of zhejiang university and ningbo institute of technology of zhejiang university, and his party visited fiocco yesgo valley. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, shi mei, executive director of yesgo valley, mao lilu, general manager of yesgo valley, etc. accompanied the reception.

at the symposium, director shi introduced the basic situation of  yesgo valley platform construction and phase ii project planning. from production type to platform type, fiocco group has been committed to the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry in recent years, and has reached cooperation with domestic and foreign high-end think tanks, well-known universities, scientific research institutes and professional institutions inside and outside the industry to introduce more innovative talents and promote scientific and technological r & d cooperation. fiocco yesgo valley hopes to attract more creative and entrepreneurial talents through cooperation with zhejiang university and ningbo institute of technology of zhejiang university. at the same time, it will strengthen the cooperation of innovation projects and help the transformation and development of enterprises, so as to better provide professional platforms and supporting services for entrepreneurship and innovation teams.

secretary hu zhengyu introduced the r & d and innovation of zhejiang university and zhejiang university institute of technology. he affirmed the innovative achievements made by yesgo valley in industrial transformation, industrial incubation and digital intelligent manufacturing, and reached a preliminary strategic cooperation project intention with yesgo valley. secretary hu said that in the next step, the university will give full play to its scientific research advantages, deepen project cooperation with yesgo valley, make use of the advanced 3d design technology of zhejiang university and the cooperation of yesgo valley digital intelligent workshop, and strive to promote the institute enterprise cooperation between zhejiang university and zhejiang university ningbo institute of technology and fiocco yesgo valley.