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ningbo novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak

release time:2020-12-11 source:fiocco click:415

in novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia and the "six battle for three years of high quality" were held in the afternoon of december 11th to promote the great anti epidemic spirit, commend the advanced epidemic spirit and boost morale. the commendation conference was held to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the "six battle for tackling key issues". ningbo novel coronavirus pneumonia group was honored with the "advanced collective" of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the fig group has seen the speed of fig, showing the corporate social responsibility and corporate responsibility.
on january 29, fiocco group actively responded to the initiative of the district federation of trade unions and donated 300000 yuan to yinzhou district charity federation.
in january 31st, the fig group donated 39000 masks to the dongqian lake management committee to fully support the prevention and control of pneumonia against new coronavirus infection.
on february 2, fiocco yesgo valley park decided to reduce the rent for one month if it resumes work in strict accordance with the time required by the government (i.e. after 24:00 on february 9, 2020).
novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, in the donation and donations, fully support the fight against the epidemic, the group responded positively to the call of the ningbo municipal government to undertake the task of developing emergency civil isolation clothing standard, civilian production of segregated clothing and production of civilian masks.