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vice chairman of the provincial federation of trade unions

release time:2020-12-14 source:fiocco click:379

on the afternoon of the 14th, zhang weihua, member of the party group and vice chairman of zhejiang federation of trade unions, visited fiocco group to carry out research on the promotion of the construction and reform of industrial workers in yinzhou, the labor economy of the trade union and the volunteer service of model workers. zhu xuefeng, secretary and vice chairman of the party group of ningbo federation of trade unions, song yan, member and vice chairman of the party group of ningbo federation of trade unions, wang bangjin, deputy secretary of yinzhou district party committee, qian fang, deputy director of the standing committee of yinzhou district people's congress and chairman of the federation of trade unions, and other leaders participated in the investigation.

accompanied by shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, vice chairman zhang weihua and his party visited fiocco group's public service platform, yesgo platform and enterprises settled on the platform, and learned about fiocco group's development process, industrial sector and development trend in detail.

at the symposium, director shi reported on the construction of industrial workers and talent training mechanism of the group, focusing on the support and guarantee role of innovation and reform in promoting the high-quality development of enterprises. he said that in recent years, fiocco group has created a new professional textile and clothing platform, yesgo valley. the transformation and development of the group provides opportunities for talent training of enterprises. taking multiple measures from training, incentive to guarantee has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of enterprise employees to improve skills and innovate and create. at present, many business assistants and salesmen have developed step by step to establish subsidiaries. fiocco group will also continue to strengthen education, training and innovation incentives, so that employees can grow and develop with the enterprise.

vice chairman zhang weihua fully affirmed the effectiveness of the transformation and development of fiocco group and the positive practice of the reform of industrial workers in the new era. she pointed out that promoting the construction and reform of industrial workers in the new era is an important work to consolidate the party's ruling foundation and a strong support for building a new highland for modern industrial development. she asked enterprises to be brave in innovation and actively promote reform in accordance with the requirements of "political guarantee, implementation of system, improvement of quality and protection of rights and interests".