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member of the standing committee of yinzhou district party

release time:2021-01-08 source:fiocco click:373

this afternoon, yan shien, member of the standing committee of yinzhou district party committee and director of organization, visited fiocco yesgo valley for investigation and research. luo zhengrong, deputy director of the organization department of yinzhou district party committee and secretary of the two new working committees, jin feihui, secretary of the party working committee of dongjiao street, and other leaders accompanied the investigation. accompanied by shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, minister yan shien and his delegation visited fiocco cloud valley platform and digital intelligent manufacturing workshop, and had an in-depth understanding of the construction of cloud valley platform.

 visit the digital intelligent manufacturing workshop being installed

visit fiocco cloud valley platform

at the symposium, director shi reported on the development process, corporate culture and business status of fiocco group, and showed the planning and design of fiocco yesgo valley phase ii in detail. shi dong said that in recent years, fiocco group has continuously carried out transformation and upgrading in the textile and garment industry, newly built fiocco yesgo valley professional textile service platform, built 5g digital intelligent factory, and realized the change from traditional manufacturing to the combination of digital intelligent manufacturing and platform, so as to better serve fiocco group's own business expansion and enterprises settled on the platform.

shi stressed that the establishment of innovation platform also creates a better development platform for enterprise employees. fiocco group has been adhering to the company concept of "coming from family" for 30 years, so that employees can get a sense of growth, achievement and belonging in the enterprise. in the next step, the company will continue to strengthen the construction of enterprise party and enterprise culture, strengthen cohesion and further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

minister yan shien expressed appreciation for director shi's persistence and forward-looking strategic vision in the textile and garment industry, highly affirmed the development plan and corporate culture of fiocco group, and encouraged fiocco group to further explore party construction and effectively turn organizational advantages into development drivers. he said that for the problems encountered in the development of enterprises, all government departments will give full assistance and relevant policy support to promote the better development of enterprises.