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release time:2021-02-10 source:fiocco click:383
on february 7, 2021, ningbo municipal bureau of commerce released the list of top 200 enterprises with import and export volume in ningbo in 2020. among them, fiocco group's co., ltd. ranks 19 among the top 200 export enterprises with an export volume of 2907.3 million yuan and 42 among the top 200 import and export enterprises with an import and export volume of 2916.31 million yuan.

                                     list of top 200 foreign trade export in 2020 and its export volume

                                 list of top 200 foreign trade import and export in 2020 and its export volume

in 2020, under the severe and complicated international economic situation and the influence of covid-19, the group actively responded to challenges, persisted in changing and innovating, transformed risks into opportunities, and achieved steady development in export volume.

in the future, fiocco group will continue to strive for continuous innovation and realize the transformation and development of the combination of "digital intelligent manufacturing" and professional enabling platform.