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leaders of china garment association

release time:2021-03-22 source:fiocco click:387

on the afternoon of march 19, yang xiaodong, vice president of china garment association, qi yuanxun, deputy secretary general of china garment association and director of the ministry of industrial economy, and chen guoqiang, former deputy secretary general of ningbo municipal government and senior consultant of yesgo valley, accompanied by mao yihua, secretary general of ningbo garment association, went to fiocco group · yesgo valley for investigation and guidance. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, shi mei, executive director of yesgo valley, and mao lilu, general manager, warmly received several leaders.

accompanied by shi yun, chairman of the group, vice president yang xiaodong and his delegation visited fiocco cloud valley platform and 5g digital intelligent factory to have an in-depth understanding of the construction of cloud valley platform.

at the seminar, general manager mao lilu first introduced the development of phase i of yesgo valley and the planning and layout of phase ii. then, director shi explained the transformation and upgrading of the group: the 5g digital intelligent factory that has been established has transformed from the original traditional manufacturing to digital intelligent manufacturing, realizing the digital management of the whole region and whole process of production orders, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

consultant chen guoqiang provided many guiding opinions on the development of fiocco group and yesgo valley, and said how to combine research institutions with collaborative platforms. it is considered that the research of industrial economy is to serve the development of industry and the coordination of industrial elements, so as to construct the innovation of industrial development model.

finally, vice president yang xiaodong expressed his appreciation for the cloud valley platform and 5g digital intelligent factory built by fiocco group, highly affirmed the development planning and implementation of fiocco cloud valley phase ii, and encouraged fiocco group to further explore new models and serve small and medium-sized textile and garment enterprises with the industrial platform. vice president yang said that the china garment association will consider relevant cooperation between the institute of industrial economics, the international coordination base of china's garment industry and fiocco group · yesgo valley, so as to jointly create a fashion highland of industrial coordination and promote the better development of the textile and garment industry.