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leaders of wuhan jiang'an district visited fiocco yesgo

release time:2021-03-30 source:fiocco click:388

on the morning of march 29, qi lin, member of the standing committee of wuhan jiang'an district party committee and executive deputy head of wuhan jiang'an district government, led a team to fiocco group to investigate the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship service platform for the development of textile and garment financing in yesgo valley. zhang jingxian, deputy secretary and deputy director of yinzhou district development and reform bureau, accompanied the investigation.

accompanied by shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, shi mei, vice president of fiocco group, zhou yafang and others, vice district head qi lin and his party successively visited the cloud valley platform, the foreign trade comprehensive service platform and the mass entrepreneurship and innovation enterprises in the platform, and had an in-depth understanding of the construction characteristics and operation mode of the cloud valley mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform.

subsequently, qi deputy district governor and his party entered the 5g digital intelligent factory of fig cloud valley. based on the development trend of customized customization of textile and garment industry, the factory built advanced intelligent manufacturing production service system with internet plus creative design intelligent manufacturing supply chain, providing professional services such as proofing, research and development, production and so on for enterprises in the platform.

fiocco cloud valley platform relies on industry leaders to provide professional empowerment for mass entrepreneurship and innovation enterprises in the textile and garment industry by releasing physical space and sharing industrial chain resources. deputy district head qi spoke highly of the innovative operation mode of yesgo valley platform and the practice of driving the financing and development of textile and garment mass entrepreneurship and innovation enterprises. he said that the cloud valley platform gave full play to the important role of leading enterprises in promoting the financing and development of large, medium and small enterprises.