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unveiling ceremony of new signs

release time:2019-04-15 source:fiocco click:291
the breeze came slowly and the blue sky was as clean as a wash. at 6:58 a.m. on april 15, the unveiling ceremony of the new signboard of fiocco group was grandly held. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, attended the ceremony with zhou zaifang, shi mei, mao lilu, xia aiping, hu ruiyi, nie kun, hong yinyin, xu qing, yan xuefen and zhu luna, heads of subsidiaries of fiocco group. the four characters of the new sign "fiocco group" are shining and dazzling in the sun.
the exciting and inspiring unveiling ceremony of the new signs not only made all fiocco employees proud and happy for the development and growth of the company, but also clearer the development direction and goal of the company. the transformation from the original traditional and single garment production to an innovative, service-oriented and modern enterprise focusing on the textile and garment industry, marks that fiocco group has entered a new stage of development with the spirit of "secondary entrepreneurship".