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fiocco group carries out

release time:2019-05-09 source:fiocco click:272

in order to comprehensively and thoroughly carry out the "three in and three services" activity, on the afternoon of may 9, hu jianyong, deputy director of the management committee of ningbo dongqian lake tourist resort, dongqian lake economic development bureau, dongqian lake natural planning branch, dongqian lake construction bureau, dongqian lake fire brigade, dongqian lake town government and other leaders visited fiocco group on the reconstruction of yesgo valley fashion industrial park field investigation on matters related to expansion. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, and the person in charge of yesgo valley fashion industrial park accompanied director hu and his delegation to visit the park.

at the symposium, director shi introduced the overall planning of the park in detail. yesgo valley will be committed to building a comprehensive fashion science and technology industrial park integrating comprehensive enabling area, business and incubation area and fashion creative area. at the same time, director shi put forward the problems encountered in the subsequent construction of the park and the relevant support needed.

in view of the problems encountered in the development and construction of the park, the members of the research group sorted out one by one, discussed the reconstruction process, construction process, planning, safety and other aspects of the park in combination with their respective functions, and put forward opinions and suggestions.
in this research activity, the leaders of the management committee of dongqian lake tourist resort and his party have earnestly helped the park solve difficulties with attentive service and in-depth service, so that the park has a further understanding of relevant policies and processes, and promoted the reconstruction and expansion of yesgo valley.
yesgo valley will live up to the leaders' concern and concern for enterprise development, and will further improve the construction of textile and garment industry complex platform, provide more comprehensive sharing and enabling services for enterprises in the park, help drive the common development of small, medium-sized and micro entrepreneurial innovative garment enterprises, and strive to make due contributions to the industrial and economic development of dongqian lake.