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fiocco offers love for public welfare

release time:2019-05-20 source:fiocco click:271

on the special day of may 20, two teachers and two children from gaoqian kindergarten came to fiocco group with the golden flag, the snowflake crisp made by the children and the thank-you letter. on behalf of all the teachers and students of gaoqian kindergarten, they thanked fiocco group for its funding.
fiocco group has always adhered to integrating the concept of public welfare into the corporate culture, making public welfare actions touch every bit of social life, and sublimating the corporate culture in public welfare activities. in 2016, fiocco group set up a charity education fund, which donated to groups in need of help through dongqianhu charity federation, fully reflecting the awareness and sense of responsibility of enterprises to actively participate in social public welfare.
in the future, fiocco group will continue to pay attention to and participate in all kinds of public welfare undertakings, actively undertake social responsibilities and contribute to promoting the spirit of social mutual help.