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ningbo docking exchange meeting was successfully held

release time:2019-06-19 source:fiocco click:286

on the afternoon of june 19, 2019 shengze fabric entered ningbo, and the docking exchange meeting was successfully held in yesgo valley. the event was strongly supported by the national textile fabric museum and ningbo garment association. shengze oriental textile city and the national textile fabric museum led 30 shengze fabric merchants into yesgo valley to carry out face-to-face contact with many local garment enterprises in ningbo.

yesgo valley provides a static display area for each fabric enterprise, and thousands of high-quality fabrics are displayed on site. this time, the fabric enterprises in dongfang city displayed various fabric samples such as elastic fabric, imitation silk fabric, functional fabric, large and small jacquard, chiffon and so on. the excellent quality and advanced production technology attracted a large number of interested customers. all enterprises conducted detailed negotiations with the fabric manufacturers present around their own fabric needs, and the atmosphere was warm.

the purpose of shengzedong textile city brand enterprises entering the yesgo valley fabric docking exchange is to assist brand garment enterprises and excellent fabric suppliers to promote effective docking in an efficient and intensive manner through the platform of fabric hall, promote the integrated development of upstream and downstream of textile and garment industry, and promote the common development of garment enterprises and fabric enterprises.

it is understood that the total number of customers signed in this docking meeting is up to more than 200, the actual transaction is more than 50, and nearly 100 upstream and downstream enterprises have reached cooperation intentions, which can be described as fruitful.