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yesgo valley carries out

release time:2019-07-03 source:fiocco click:266
this morning, chen yajun, deputy director of the organization department of yinzhou district party committee, and his party visited fiocco yesgo valley to carry out the "three services" activity. shi yun, chairman of the group, mao lilu, general manager of yesgo valley and other leaders received together.
vice minister chen and his delegation visited the fabric area, exhibition hall, roadshow area and other shared areas, and learned about the types and development of enterprises settled in the park.

at the symposium, director shi reported on the construction and operation of the park, talent introduction and education, long-term planning and other aspects in combination with the development of fiocco yesgo valley.

shi dong said that with the concept of "professionalism, sharing, empowerment and win-win", yesgo valley provides various sharing and enabling services for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in textile and garment industry clusters. at present, more than 40 enterprises have settled in the park and five foreign experts have been introduced. in the next step of construction, yesgo valley will expand the platform area, strengthen professional services, and strive to build a comprehensive fashion science and technology industrial park integrating comprehensive enabling area, business and incubation area, fashion creative area and so on.
vice minister chen recognized fiocco yesgo valley's achievements in innovative development and shared services. she stressed that high-level talents play an important leading and supporting role in enterprise development. in the next step, the park needs to accelerate the introduction and cultivation of high-end talents, promote cooperation with colleges and universities, and accelerate the gathering of scientific and technological talents and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements through in-depth cooperation between industry, university and research, give full play to the talent gathering effect of the park, and the organization department of the district party committee will give full support to the docking of policies and projects.

the "three services" activity of the organization department of the district party committee brought relevant policies and services to help the further development of the park in view of the problems of enterprises in attracting investment and talent demand. yesgo valley will live up to the leaders' concern and concern for enterprise development, closely layout the innovation chain around the industrial chain, further improve the core competitiveness, build a platform to serve a group of enterprises and drive the transformation and upgrading of ningbo textile and garment industry.