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yesgo valley was awarded the 2019 yinzhou

release time:2019-08-09 source:fiocco click:282

on august 6, yinzhou district bureau of science and technology announced the review results of yinzhou district science and technology maker space. after on-site review by a third party, it was determined that yesgo valley fashion technology platform was yinzhou district level science and technology maker space in 2019. this time, only two enterprises were rated.

 maker space is a low-cost, convenient and innovative space built through market-oriented mechanism, professional service and capitalization in accordance with the trend of user innovation, open innovation, collaborative innovation and mass innovation in the era of innovation 2.0, the opportunity of the rise of the global maker wave, and the characteristics and needs of innovation and entrepreneurship under the environment of the in-depth development of the internet and its applications and the innovation of the knowledge society 2.0 it is a general term for all elements and open new entrepreneurship public service platforms.
yesgo  valley is an industrial innovation service complex initiated by fiocco group and jointly established by domestic and foreign high-end think tanks, well-known universities, scientific research institutes and financial institutions.

under the concept of "specialization, sharing, empowerment and win-win", yesgo valley maker space will be committed to creating an ecological environment of active empowerment, mutual empowerment, sustainable empowerment and common growth for small, medium-sized and micro innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises.