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foreign trade situation analysis and policy briefing

release time:2020-08-05 source:fiocco click:338


with the continuous recurrence of the global epidemic and the us government's comprehensive suppression of china's peaceful rise, china's foreign trade enterprises are facing severe challenges. in order to make the import and export companies and departments of the group better understand and apply the policies formulated by the national, provincial, municipal and district governments, the group specially invited director wang xiaoming, the legal adviser, to analyze the foreign trade situation and relevant policies in the first half of the year on the afternoon of august 5. more than 40 foreign trade principals from the international trade department of the group, subsidiaries and enterprises settled on the cloud valley platform attended the meeting.

director wang yiming

chairman shi yun

at the foreign trade situation analysis and policy propaganda meeting, director wang xiaoming first introduced the operation of foreign trade in the first half of the year, at home, in the province and in the city. at the same time, he analyzed the changes of china us relations and the global trade pattern, the opportunities and challenges of foreign trade enterprises under the new situation, and explained the difficulties faced by foreign trade enterprises. director wang gave targeted suggestions with professional foreign trade practice and legal experience, and interpreted various foreign trade support policies recently issued by governments at all levels.
the foreign trade situation analysis and policy publicity meeting received a warm response from all participants present. chairman shi yun of the group asked everyone to strengthen confidence, passion and overcome difficulties through this study and exchange. they should not only do things in a down-to-earth manner, but also grasp the new trend of foreign trade development and practice innovative ideas, innovative models and innovative services, find a better focus and a new way out for the development of foreign trade.