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fiocco group conducts research on

release time:2019-03-21 source:fiocco click:330

on the afternoon of march 20, qiu dongyao, deputy secretary of ningbo municipal party committee and mayor, bian ji'an, deputy mayor, zhang liangcai, secretary general of ningbo municipal government, and his party visited fiocco group to carry out the research on "three services". xu ting, deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy director of the management committee of dongqian lake tourism resort, dai huaxiang, deputy director of yinzhou district people's government, accompanied the research.

accompanied by shi yun, chairman of the group, mayor qiu and his entourage mainly visited the platform of yunchang valley, and then listened to the development of fiocco group in the conference room of yunchang valley.

after briefly introducing the development process of the enterprise, chairman shi yun made a detailed report on how fiocco group transformed and upgraded the textile and garment industry under the new situation. shi dong said that from oem oem oem production to obm independent brand research and development, fiocco group has focused on the textile and garment industry for 27 years and accumulated rich resources and experience in talent, technology, capital, brand, channel, supply chain and so on. last year, the group integrated the resources of the whole textile and garment industry chain with the new way of "internet plus creative design intelligent manufacturing supply chain", and crossed the service resources, and built a platform for textile and garment industry with the core of "cloud clothing valley".

with the core concept of "specialty, sharing, empowerment and win-win", yesgo valley platform is committed to providing sharing and enabling services such as design creativity, technology research and development, marketing management, financial support and venture capital for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in textile and garment industry clusters, helping to drive the common development of innovative garment enterprises in small and medium-sized industries and improve and optimize the development of textile and garment industry..

after listening to the report, mayor qiu expressed his admiration for the achievements made by fiocco group in its 27 years of deep cultivation in the textile and garment industry and focusing on the industry, and highly affirmed the success of the establishment of yesgo valley platform. mayor qiu stressed that the innovation platform of yesgo valley textile and garment industry fully meets the government's requirements for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and the needs of industrial innovation.

as for the new problems faced by fiocco group in its development, during the investigation, mayor qiu asked all departments to emancipate their minds and keep pace with the times. as long as it is conducive to the development of enterprises, they should make every effort to help enterprises solve problems. he hoped that fiocco yesgo valley would continue to give full play to its platform advantages, enhance the industrial agglomeration effect and drive the transformation and upgrading of ningbo textile and garment industry, mayor qiu said, the municipal government will give strong support to excellent enterprises that help to improve industrial development.